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The ten thousand things and the one true only.

by Kip Manley

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Things to keep in mind:
The secret of it.

And if it always disappoints, it’s not because we always expect too much of it but because we expect it where it actually isn’t, because it’s never where we expect it to be, because it can only be grasped in its own drift or constitutive gap. We always want it to be in its rightful place but that place is precisely where it’s not, precisely where it’s lacking. We would like it to be here, in front of us, in the flesh. But it’s in that very immediacy or fullness that it steals away and goes missing. Which doesn’t mean that it has in some way disappeared; rather, this absence or this lack is the key to its mystery, the secret of its functioning. This is why we should follow it, why we should surrender to its drift and get caught up in that gap, that shift in being which is also a shift in meaning: in fact the drift of meaning and being itself, being and meaning as drift. As for literature, it’s a matter of understanding how it arises from this release, from this letting go; it traces and spins the real in its drift. It always seeks to find the real where it isn’t, since this is the only place where it’s likely to find it.

Miguel de Beistegui

—posted 302 days ago

Table of Contents

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