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The ten thousand things and the one true only.

by Kip Manley

Table of Contents

Sundries tallied separately.

I went back and wrote it through again, and I think I finally have an opening I’ll stick with, for no. 26, don’t worry (too much)—there’s time, and time. (I tell myself there’s time.) —There’s time because no. 25, already done, printed, on the shelves, is scheduled to begin here in about three weeks, on September 14th; that means (and here I count off the days on my fingers) no. 26 should be beginning here around about October 19th. —So there’s time. There’s time. —Of course, then I have to worry about no. 27, but not till then.

Until then; until then. —I’ve been showing off upcoming covers to patrons; I don’t like doing a general cover reveal until I’ve got the final edited shape of it, and know where the page headers will break and what they’ll be, and (as noted) we’re not there (yet) with no. 26. But it is the fourth chapbook of the new volume, so a new bouquet is in order for the store, and I can show you the image of what that will look like, which includes a little slice of the as-yet unreleased cover:

A bouquet of roses.

(Portland residents may well recognize what it’s a picture of.)

Look, while I’m in a revelatory mood: it may help your sense of anticipation, to learn the full suite of chapter titles making up this third volume—so here, a list:

Vol. 3, In the Reign of Good Queen Dick, nos. 23 – 33.

Oh, and also, the reading! —I was loud. So many thanks for Chloe Eudaly, the inimitable proprietress of Reading Frenzy, and also to all the other readers! —I did write up a brief thing about it, but I put it over there; some folks don’t like to go so far behind the scenes, and anyway, it’s a bit of a part of a recent discussion I’ve sort of been having, so.

—Three done; a fourth too long in progress; seven more after that. I should maybe get back to it.

Table of Contents