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The ten thousand things and the one true only.

by Kip Manley

Table of Contents

Where I’ll have been;
What I’ll have been up to.

So dull and grey and gloomy it’s almost March outside, which is good? I need to start shooting new covers. Which is worth mentioning, perhaps, but not yet itemizing, as there’s nothing as yet to show for it. But! In more substantial news:

Imprimis, the Patronage: I’ve started a Patreon! Go, take a look, pledge if you’re so moved, share the word if you can. —Thanks to some remarkable generosity, I’ve already met the first goal, which means I’ve (finally) updated the software managing things under the hood hereabouts. There may be some hiccups and short-circuits in days to come, as I re-work an organization system designed for a handful of chapbooks into something at once beefy and nimble, that can handle chapbooks, volumes, and seasons, and still give five cents change after turning on a dime. —Take note: if we do manage to reach a level of two hundred and fifty dollars a month, I’m gonna have to figure out how to make audiobooks.

Item. the Personal Appearance: Next weekend (23rd – 25th January) is WizardWorld Portland, or the Portland Comic Convention, or whatever it is we’re supposed to’ve ended up calling it? —The Spouse is a guest of the show, which means I’ll be tagging along, and since prose serials have at least as much to do with comics as Karl Urban, I’ll bring some chapbooks and paperbacks and badges along with me. No details as yet as to the specific location; if you’re lost, look for roses being flung into the air by a six-year-old.

Item. Karl Urban: The somewhat snarky aside in the above is in no way intended as any affront to Mr. Urban, whose career has been a delight ever since his early days as Julius Cæsar and Cupid, and also I quite liked that Judge Dredd movie.

Item. Progress: Having stalled briefly in the middle of drafting no. 25, I did what I do when that happens: went back and started revising. No. 23 is now finalized, and no. 24 almost cut down to size, and I know better what happens next, in nos. 25 & 26. We’re still on track to have four done, if not five, by the time the season premieres in June.

Item. Premiere: Oh, yes: in case I hadn’t mentioned. Free online serialization of season two, Spring into Summer, begins Monday, June 22nd, with the premiere of no. 23, “ – the thin ice – ”. If, however, you find it difficult to contemplate so long a delay—

Item. Perquisites: —I am compelled to reiterate the Patreon, mentioned above: pledges at certain levels, you’ll note, receive electronic or even paper copies of chapbooks as they’re completed, months (or, sometimes, weeks, or, yes, days) before they’re released online. —Never pose a problem for which you cannot then offer a solution, as they say.

And so! But yet. Covers. Hmm.

Table of Contents