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The ten thousand things and the one true only.

by Kip Manley

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a Soft opening.

The Baker’s Dozen of Daniel Ocean
Act III, Sc. 1
S: When’s opening night?
All: July third.
D: We got fireworks, the stroke of midnight, the whole shebang.
S: But we’re going in now? It’s already open!
R: Nah, it’s a soft opening. To test the place, before the grand opening.
L: It’s kinda like an out-of-town preview, only it’s in town.
S: Soft opening, grand opening—when they opened the Flamingo, one day it was closed, the next day it was open! End of story. —I know, I was there.
D: Well, it’s different now.
S: So when is opening night?
All: Soon!

—posted 1876 days ago

Table of Contents

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