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The ten thousand things and the one true only.

by Kip Manley

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I am altering the deal.

Just in time for September, I’ve overhauled the rewards for the Patreon that supports City of Roses!


(Mumblety-mumble decades out of school, and I still think of September as the beginning of the year.)

—Patreon has been invaluable in supporting the work I’ve been doing on volume three, easily covering the printing costs of the ’zines, and supplementing (or even covering) a grocery run in those not-nearly-so-occasional-as-I’d-like tight months. I can safely say that without my Patreon patrons, this wouldn’t be here now:

8 of 11.

Eight issues done, three to go, and a great deal of thanks to my patrons.

But! I need more! (And my valiant patrons need a bit of a break.) —The production of volume three looms, and will require quite a lot of work, not all of it mine, and a chunk of money to complete. So: I’ve simplified and streamlined the City of Roses Patreon reward tiers, in the hopes of enticing you (yes, you) to join my One Dollar Party.

$1 a month.

A pledge of $1 a month gives you access to the behind-the-scenes blog: at least one post a month, offering sneak peeks at upcoming installments, scenes cut for space or time or change of focus, the (very) occasional anguished musing, and cover candidates (like this one, which I’ve made public.)

$2 a month.

A pledge of $2 a month gets you an ebook of each installment as it’s finished, (at least) a month before it appears here, for free—and you’ll also get ebooks of the collections as they’re completed. (Ebooks delivered in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats.)

$4 a month.

And a pledge of $4 a month will get you paper copies of each installment, hand-stuffed in envelopes with handwritten notes by Your Author—and also paper copies of each collection, as they’re completed.

And finally, there’s the Key to the City:

$20 a month.

—but there’s only six of those left.

So! Take a moment. Give it some thought. Join if you’re able. Spread the word. And thanks, again.


—posted 912 days ago

Table of Contents

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