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The ten thousand things and the one true only.

by Kip Manley

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Why did you kick the cat?

I was looking for something else that Jean le Malchanceux said, because Clifford Irving admitted Jean was a fictitious crusader monk “used” by various Ibizan writers, and who wouldn’t want to use a fictitious crusader monk? But Clifford Irving has lied about so much else, you know? —Anyway, I was looking for Jean le Malchanceux, and I didn’t find much, but what I did find was this:

I like the tales. You know what one says: “the good tales make the good friends”, “when one does not like, one does not tell”, etc Alors you do not astonish if you cross me in Chiny or taken care the tale of the 7 (street Pierreuse, in Liege starting from 20h every 7 of the month)… because a good tale, that can have even more taste than new SuperMario with ice vanilla. And it favours it is that there are of them more often than new Mario and than that less made grow bigger that the ice vanilla.
Last year, I had had time to remain with the “tales around the fire” of Chiny to level my f--ry (and all the assembly, I believe) of the history of “Jean the Unlucky person” who leave to research the Master the Chance “And his chance, it will give it to him, because it for that”, is heard there at the beginning to the 7, then that I found in the book “the tree of life and wisdom” of my f--ry (I can gourer on “life”, but it is sure, there is “wisdom”).
But this year, I was éreinté so much with these training courses nature which one did not remain until there… Then to catch up with me, I told a small piece of “vassilissa, the princess splashes” in front of the children of her training course natural (of which my godson and his brother, moreover) right before the night when one sleeps all in roulotte. I wonder whether it heard me… I think that yes, but it is not sure. This tale, I owe it with my sister who had recorded it on VHS, one day and which looked at it and Re-looked at until I become sick about it. I would have liked to tell it with the camp, on July 8 3 years ago, when I met my f--ry, but I did not remember it more too much.
I could have said that “it is right because I had played the “Petrouchka Merchant” before and that I have a Russian grandfather”, but there must be more than that….

—posted 4060 days ago

Table of Contents