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The ten thousand things and the one true only.

by Kip Manley

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Things to keep in mind:
The secret of Iubhdhán’s house.

I have a house in the land to the north, one half of it red gold, the lower half of silver.

Its porch is of white bronze and its threshold of copper, and of the wings of white-yellow birds is its thatch, I think.

The candlesticks are golden, with a candle of great purity, with a gem of precious stone in the very middle of the house.

But for myself and the high-queen, none of us are sad; a household there without old age, with yellow curly-crested hair.

Every man is a chess-player, there are good companies there without exclusion; the house is not closed against man or woman going to it.

unknown Irish author,
twelfth to thirteenth century

—posted 465 days ago

Table of Contents

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