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The ten thousand things and the one true only.

by Kip Manley

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This one has to have been going to eleven.

The first draft of no. 33, “ – carnival was ringing – ”, the final installment of vol. 3—is done! (He said, just about four weeks ago. Pause for applause.)

It weighed in at 19,299 words, a respectable number for a first draft. The cuts will no doubt—are proving to have been—wioll haven be daunting, but not, I should hope to have thought, impossible.

But! Considering that Adobe has raised the prices of their monthly subscriptions—for software that really, at this point, one should have been owning outright—but to levels nosebleedingly high above outrageous and into you’ve-got-to-be-fucking-kidding-me territory, which means the family operation has switched wholesale from the Adobe family of products to Affinity, bless their scrappy little hearts—but! What that means is I’ve got to be taking this entire end of the workflow and having reconfigured it completely, build templates up from nothing to be exactly like what I would have had before, in software that’s almost but not entirely annoyingly just enough like what I wished I’d had before to trip up all my reflexes. —The below is a shot of what happened when I tried to open one of the postscript files that used to have been spat out as a byproduct of ’zine production; I was hoping that maybe Affinity could parse it just enough to make making new templates a bit easier, but: Affinity (scrappily!) took all 18 spreads of a 36-page booklet and printed them one atop another on a single two-page spread [ fig. 1 ].


Fig. 1.

Quite powerful, in an Austin Osman Spare sense, but otherwise? I will have got to have had a bit of work to’ve been done as of yet. On top of the redrafting.


—posted 457 days ago

Table of Contents

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