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No. 23: “ – the thin ice – ”

No. 23: the thin ice

Jo Maguire, the Huntsman, has been made the Duchess of Southeast, a peer in the Court of Roses. Ysabel Perry, the Unwed Bride, is now the Queen. It’s Tuesday, 21st March. Spring is in the air; “you’re in the audience.” 36 pages with color cover. $3.00 plus shipping and handling.

she said Yes – tomorrow, tonight – with his own Hands – a Hatful – Obligations of the Court – putting it Back – “Yes,” she says – how Much is Enough – Welund, Rhythidd, Barlowe & Lackland – a real Mad-on – the Rattle of Keys – confusing, the Two of them – her Reason – “Enough to get you into trouble” – “The least little thing” – an Apportionment – her Case – Ebb-Tide, Cinnamon Twist, All-American Girl – Fénius – Unlocking the door – whatever she Wants


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