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Celebrating Ten Years of Roses.

PORTLAND, May 4th — Back in 2006, on August 14th—a perfectly lovely Monday morning—Supersticery Press began publishing the first novelette of City of Roses at thecityofroses.com. Ten years and twenty-six novelettes later (so far), City of Roses has grown into an acclaimed urban fantasy serial, published as paperbacks, ebooks, zines, and still on the web, of course; lauded in newspapers and magazines ranging from the Oregonian to the Guardian, and websites from Bookslut to the Web Fiction Guide.

No specific celebrations have yet been scheduled, beyond keeping up with the writing, and the story, now halfway through its third volume. —Ysabel, the Unwed Bride, is now the Queen of the City of Roses, and Jo Maguire, once an underemployed telemarketer, now finds herself the Duchess of Southeast. Together, they must face rogue magicians, art collectives, jilted exes, matters of honor, gentrification, and a mayoral election more pivotal than it seems.

Feel free to address any questions to the author and published, Kip Manley, at kipmanley@yahoo.com. (Kip Manley was, some time ago, a senior editor and staff writer for Portland’s late, lamented Anodyne magazine. He currently lives in Portland with the celebrated cartoonist Jenn Manley Lee and the generally astounding Taran Jack. Mostly he just wanders about the city looking for cool places to stage sword fights.)


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